Musical Theatre self tapes are here to stay! This class is all about upping your Musical Theatre self tape game. We talk all about the realities and the myths that might be keeping your from your best, most authentic work. Yes, we cover technical nuts and bolts. We talk background, lighting, sound (a big one for singers), tripods, readers, and what you perceive to be casting expectations. However, none of it matters if you aren’t deeply connected to the story. NONE. OF. IT. Together, we will explore how to get you to your most authentic experience using different techniques and debunking paralyzing beliefs that are holding you back.

*We have an incredible accompanist who will be creating a customized mp3 for you each week. You will come out of the Musical Theatre LOVEFEST with four industry-standard audition tracks that are included in the price of the class!

Before you apply or submit payment for Self Tape LOVEFEST,  please click HERE to review the cancellation policy.


Working participants must apply before receiving an invitation via email.




If you would like to be a non-working observer, there are limited spots available. No application necessary. Make sure you put which class you are interested in observing in the notes section.