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*This workshop is mandatory if you are new to the Self Tape LOVEFEST and are joining us this session. You are also welcome to take this if you are not joining us for the session, and just want to take this as a one-off.

If you unable to attend due to conflict, but are available for the four week session, go ahead and sign up and I will send you a recording of the workshop along with the privacy policy.


The Self Tape Nut and Bolts workshop covers everything we need to know on the technical side of things, so that when it's time to tell the story - we can let go and have fun because we know we've got our bases covered! In this workshop we will cover: tips and tricks for your phone, framing, lighting, sound, backgrounds, tripods, best options for virtual readers, earbuds and bluetooth for MT auditions, and a brief walk together into iMovie to make the cleanest, most up-to-date and industry standard self tape around! After the workshop, I will send you a doc with hyperlinks to all of the items we discuss. We'll wrap up with a brief Q&A.

Expect to spend 2 to 2.5 hrs together!

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Price: $30